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Accounts Payable Automation has been reshaping ever since the scanning of documents started to evolve.  Legacy Accounts Payable is now set to switch from legacy data management to AI Automated solutions.

apexpress takes the lead to provide you the seamless AP Automation to provide fast and future proof technology to integrate your systems with an innovative, customizable, paperless, and secure information management platform

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Accounts Payable

Modern AP automation provides companies with enhanced possibilities of a genuinely touchless invoicing process.

The future of AP

While OCR is simply the use of technology to convert different physical documents into digital prints, invoice scanning provides AP professionals with automated data entry capabilities.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation has been reshaping ever since the scanning of the documents started to evolve.
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apexpress is designed, developed, and managed by EIPP Solutions an ITES Service Provider since 1994.   EIPP Solutions are the largest Invoice Processing Unit in B2B sector in North America that offers fully automated B2B customer billing and payment solutions.

apexpress is part of EIPP Solutions – AN ISO 9001: 2005 Certified Company with security standards PCI DSS Certification.  

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apexpress is a start-up to support Accounts Payable Automation to take control of Processing digital information with full integration to your existing platforms via API engineers.

Accounts Payable Automation
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